The services that Concretos Reciclados has to offer to you are:

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Recycling ´in Situ´

 Iwhere a considerable amount of C&DW will be generated (approximately 10  You can make an additional consideration that, C&DW can be taken to the plant and in the same trip, carry recycled materials, reason why the trip would be round and be a greater saving in the transports.

Reception certainty and recycling Hologram


If you require a letter proving the volume of residues given and/or recycled, you can ask for it, showing your notes given in reception

We will draft this document without any cost, including an unforgeable Hologram where Concretos Reciclados make certainty of the material received or acquired.

Laboratory of Materials Quality control

In order to make sure of the quality of our product, Concretos Reciclados make tests to its materials every 300m ³ of C&DW recycled. Inspectec, Supervisión y Laboratorio, S.A. de C.V, collaborates with our company offering laboratory services and consulting to companies, regarding the use of recycled materials.

Certified company and of recognized trajectory between the laboratories that tests the quality of construction materials, worried about the ecology and the use of the recycled materials.

If you require to make sure of the quality of the material, ask for a test without additional cost. Depending on the type of it, the time for results delivery is 1 to 2 weeks.

  1. CBR
  2. Sand equivalent
  3. Grain size curve
  4. Plastic index
  5. Simple compression in concrete.

If you work with your own laboratory, you can contact us and ask for a material sample, in order to make your own tests.

Do You have a Residues Management Plan from the SMA?

If you are going to make a demolition or construction, Mexico’s City Ministry of Environment, will ask you to fill aResidues Management Plan, where you prove you will take to an authorized place, all your residues.

Concretos Reciclados is an authorized place for this. Once the SMA has reviewed and sealed your plan, you can bring it along with your notes to have it sealed. 

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