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Is it necessary to follow any procedure in order to leave to leave the C&DW?

R. No, as long as it is within the labor schedule, the truck, gondola, tórton, caminota, etc, can arrive, the material will be inspected, payment will be done at the window in cash, the remission note will be given and then the C&DW will be permitted to unload.

Do you offer any transport service?

R. Unfortunately we do not count on transport service. The interested one must contract the carrier for the transfer of the remainder.

Do you give invoices?

Yes, you will need to send us a copy of you RFC, personally, by e-mail or fax. It is important to recieve your information from the first trip.

Will I get a any document supporting the material volume given?

R. Yes, remission notes will be given in each trip, where the volume of the material received will be printed

Why do we need to recycle?

R. In order to avoid that the C&DW are deposited in inadequate places, as ravines, beds of rivers, lands, gardens, etc. causing contamination on the environment.

What happens if I do not send C&DW to recycle?

R. It is expected that people collaborate by her own will, however Law will be applied, which contemplates sanctions for those who do not follow it. See Legislation in Mexico.

How does C&DW need to be given?

R. The trucks that transport the material will have to be covered with a canvas and give it free of sweepings, plastics, paper, wood, glass, textiles, etc. If material is detected contaminated, you will not be able to load the material.

Which is your schedule?

R. Concretos Reciclados is opened Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 18:00 hours of and 7:00 to 13:00 hrs Saturdays.


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