Legislation in Mexico

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Take a look on the reforms regarding the remainders of the industry of the construction and materials of demolition. These are the new regulations that you must know.

Environmental norm NADF-007-RNAT-2004,

It establishes the classification and specifications of C&DW in Mexico City.

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The Norm Coordination (CONEPU) is the organization in charged of the elaboration and diffusion of construction norms, also of unitary prices chart, that governs the publick works performed by dependencies of Mexico´s City Government.

The Coordination has published the norm, referring to Recycled Construction Materials, it indicates the quality requirements these products must fulfill, regarding the different scopes of application, test and samples.


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Environmental Law of Mexico Federal District

(Article 22, Article V, Article 36, fraction II, Article e 47, fraction II, Article 57, fraction IV, Article 76, Article 127, Article 164, fraction s III and IV and Article 168 rolex replica watches )

Public Work Law

(Article 17, fractions II, IV and VII, Article 18, Article 23, third paragraph, Article 29, fraction VI, numeral a) and Article 46, fraction X)

Solid Residues Law of Mexico Federal District

(Article 31, fraction V, Article 32)

Regulation of Constructions for the Federal District

Article 58, fraction i, second paragraph and Article 188

Regulation of Environmental impact and Risk

(Article 18, fraction IV, subsection d), Article V, numerals b) and c), Article 31, fractions h), i) y k) , Article 42, fractions IV, VI and Article 82, fraction VII)


New Penal Code of Mexico Federal Distric Art. 344. 3 m³s of C%DW deposited illicitly in ravines, green areas, protected areas of environmental value, natural areas.

1 to 5 years of prison and $300 to$ 1,500 fine. ( less than 3m3)

3 to 9 years of prison and $1,000 to $ 5,000 fine. (more than 3m3)


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