Construction and demolition waste (C&DW) is one of the main problems in cities like México.

Do you know...?

  • 30 000 tons of C&DW are produced daily in Mexico, and 6500 tons are produced in Mexico city?
  • "Bordo Poniente", Mexico's city waste disposal and the biggest in the world, is not allowed to receive C&DW, and there is an agreement for the definitive closing on December 2011?
  • There are local laws that regulate and saction C&DW producers?

Where are C&DW going then?

  1. Landfills

  2. Canyons

  3. Ecological reserves.

  4. Conservation fields.

  5. River channels.

In other countries like European Union, C&DW recycling activity is been performed for almost 20 years, reusing recycled materiasl in Civil Engineering projects.

Research and Projects